Responsible Gambling

For some people gambling is a fun activity where they test their luck while enjoying some challenging casino games, they win some they lose some but for other people it becomes an impulsive addiction that is hard to overcome and causes them catastrophic problems in their life.

This is why Arabic Online Casino always promotes Responsible Gambling and believes that gambling should be an activity for leisure not to be thought of as a source of income

Today we will shed some light on the causes of Gambling Addiction as well as some tips to help you avoid it and some organizations and websites yo can contact to help you if you are developing this problem.

Causes of Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction is a serious problem that is primarily causes by three reasons:

Gambling addiction can develop for a number of reasons, but the three primary causes include:

Biological Reasons :Also called genetic vulnerability, if you have a close family member like a parent or sibling who has struggled with gambling addiction their whole life then this problem might put you at risk. You may also be genetically incapable of resisting certain impulses.

Easy Access To Gambling: Accessing online casinos and betting sites has become very easy nowadays as there are thousands on online casinos and joining them is done in simple steps that can be done in under one minute and with the availability of virtual private networks, accessing these sites even though they may be blocked has become simple.

Personality Traits: If you have poor coping skills or are generally tempted by the adrenaline rush you get from gambling or if you are a competitive person by nature are all traits that might make you more susceptible to gambling addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Look out for the below signs, if you have one or some of them then you are starting to develop a gambling addiction:

  1. Being late for work or not showing up
  2. Neglect your hygiene
  3. Avoiding spending time with family and friends
  4. Giving up on your social life
  5. Lying to your family and friends so you can spend more time gambling
  6. Feeling ashamed of yourself because you know you are spending too much time gambling
  7. Relying on gambling to make money
  8. Borrowing money to gamble
  9. Thinking about gambling all the time
  10. Taking out loans, sell household items, using up your savings account to spend on gambling
  11. Changes of sleeping habits
  12. Being anxious and depressed and sometimes having suicidal thoughts
  13. Changes of eating habits
  14. Poor performance at work
  15. Feeling worried for no reason

If you notice that you or anyone you know if showing some of those signs then it is time to seek for help.

The Stages of Gambling Addition

Becoming Dependent

It is also know as the ”Winning Phase” where it starts with achieving a big win in gambling and you start believing that you have a natural talent for it or that you are a lucky person that won’t lose.


Your addiction grows and you start to become preoccupied with gambling and begin to borrow money and lie to the people you know and chase after your losses.


This is gambling addiction at its peak where you have lost all control over your behavior and you feel ashamed of it even though you can’t stop and in this phase, problems arise in your life due to gambling.


This phase is rock bottom, you believe that getting help is impossible and you don’t even care whether you live or die and you may develop other types of addiction at this phase.

Tips For Responsible Gambling

Gambling does not have to lead to addiction it can be a fun activity if you follow the below tips:

  • Consider gambling as entertainment not as a source of income
  • Play with money you can afford to lose
  • Never play while you are intoxicated
  • Don’t play for too long and set a time limit
  • Set a deposit limit
  • Don’t chase after your losses
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists where they tempt you with offers
  • Ask customer support for self-exclusion
  • Engage in other activities

Institutions and Websites that Help With Gambling

  • GamCare: Offers free advice and they have phone support, live chat and group chat along with self-assessment test and self-help resources.
  • BeGambleAware: It is an organization that provides free support for people who are worried about their gambling habits and are staring to lose control.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: Helps you locate people near you and groups of other gambling addicts so you can sit and ashare your experience in a safe environment.

Here are other useful websites you should check out if you feel like you are developing a gambling addiction

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